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Play it smart

Ever since Gretes 1/2 marathon, my lower left leg has been a bit out of whack (seems like it might be minor achilles tendonitis).  I wouldn't say painful, but I notice it when I run.  So, looking at the long term goal of a sub 1:40 half in January, I think I'm going to close up shop on racing in 2006 [17 total races this year].  With just nine short weeks until the half, I still have time to take some down time from running and let it heal up.  I'm sad that I probably won't get to race the 10K again in December but rest assured I'll be out there with the pom pom love.  The Turkey Trot will be a gametime decision but I'm starting to lean towards sitting this one out as well.  The sub 1:40 half is a lot more important towards my ultimate 2007 goal: Boston qualifying!  See, it's good to have this blog because now I'm on record.  Now don't let me ignore this;-)

The past two weeks I've cut back my mileage to 20-25 miles. I've definitely noticed a big difference as today I ran for the first time since Tuesday morning and ran with no pain.  I've filled the non-running days with crosstraining [spin classes and elliptical] and weights.  This is what helped me earlier this year to get that much stronger as a runner.  It also works out well as I usually try to take at least one month out of the year to slow down and allow my body to rest.  I'll keep the fitness level up minus the pounding.

So today, I hosted a brunch after our group run this morning to watch the NYC Marathon coverage via DVR.  If you haven't seen it, it's probably for the best.  It was nothing short of an embarrassment as for almost the entire race the announcers labeled Tatiana Hladyr, the 2nd place woman overall, a rabbit.  For those that don't know, rabbits are hired runners by big races to help pace the elite runners before dropping out.  Well, had these announcers or producers done any homework, they would have realized Tatiana had won the Rome Marathon!  Not to mention she finished 11th in the marathon last year.  Another embarrassment is the lack of coverage when M. Gomes dos Santos of Brazil took the lead for good.  It took several minutes before they announced he had taken the lead.  This guy is legit also as he ran a 2:08 in the Chicago Marathon.  I guess it shows the lack of knowledge in the mainstream media but it was very frustrating to hear the nonsense used to fill dead air. 

However, brunch was quite tasty: homemade omelets  (or omelettes:-p), banana chocolate chip pancakes, pumpkin spice cookies, peanut butter cookies, toast, OJ, coffee, poppy seed muffins. Yum!

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