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Bridges Runner

Play it smart

Play it smart

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Ever since Gretes 1/2 marathon, my lower left leg has been a bit out of whack (seems like it might be minor achilles tendonitis).  I wouldn't say painful, but I notice it when I run.  So, looking at the long term goal of a sub 1:40 half in January, I think I'm going to close up shop on racing in 2006 [17 total races this year].  With just nine short weeks until the half, I still have time to take some down time from running and let it heal up.  I'm sad that I probably won't get to race the 10K again in December but rest assured I'll be out there with the pom pom love.  The Turkey Trot will be a gametime decision but I'm starting to lean towards sitting this one out as well.  The sub 1:40 half is a lot more important towards my ultimate 2007 goal: Boston qualifying!  See, it's good to have this blog because now I'm on record.  Now don't let me ignore this;-)

The past two weeks I've cut back my mileage to 20-25 miles. I've definitely noticed a big difference as today I ran for the first time since Tuesday morning and ran with no pain.  I've filled the non-running days with crosstraining [spin classes and elliptical] and weights.  This is what helped me earlier this year to get that much stronger as a runner.  It also works out well as I usually try to take at least one month out of the year to slow down and allow my body to rest.  I'll keep the fitness level up minus the pounding.

So today, I hosted a brunch after our group run this morning to watch the NYC Marathon coverage via DVR.  If you haven't seen it, it's probably for the best.  It was nothing short of an embarrassment as for almost the entire race the announcers labeled Tatiana Hladyr, the 2nd place woman overall, a rabbit.  For those that don't know, rabbits are hired runners by big races to help pace the elite runners before dropping out.  Well, had these announcers or producers done any homework, they would have realized Tatiana had won the Rome Marathon!  Not to mention she finished 11th in the marathon last year.  Another embarrassment is the lack of coverage when M. Gomes dos Santos of Brazil took the lead for good.  It took several minutes before they announced he had taken the lead.  This guy is legit also as he ran a 2:08 in the Chicago Marathon.  I guess it shows the lack of knowledge in the mainstream media but it was very frustrating to hear the nonsense used to fill dead air. 

However, brunch was quite tasty: homemade omelets  (or omelettes:-p), banana chocolate chip pancakes, pumpkin spice cookies, peanut butter cookies, toast, OJ, coffee, poppy seed muffins. Yum!

  • It's funny, I was actually gonna mention the same thing about the marathon broadcast commentary in a blog post. In addition to that-another thing that ticked me off was when they were covering the winner of the Five Borough Challenge-before focusing on the fact that she won in an amazing time, they had to focus more on "she doesn't have a typical runner's body"...WTF? And not to mention too much Lance coverage....blah.

    Brunch sounded yummy!! And yes, good to hear you are playing it smart...the shorter races will always be there...keep the big prize(s) in mind!! :)
  • pain-free

    No pain! No pain! No pain! Good on you for listening to your body. Glad you were able to come out today; was great to see you.

  • Houston!

    You're doing Houston? I'm doing Houston! Nice. Have you done this one before? My sister is also going out for the half, but she won't be shooting for a 1:40. Good luck out there!

  • Rabbits

    Actually, it's interesting that you bring up the rabbit thing. It could've been that Hladyr was in fact supposed to be a rabbit and kept on going. Pacesetters are of course, meant to drop out of a race, but they aren't required to. And they can also be professionals who have won previous marathons.

    Case in point: when Paul Tergat ran 2:04:54 at Berlin to smash the men's world record, Sammy Korir was employed as a rabbit for the race. However, Korir (who also had previously won quite a few marathons) felt so good that he stayed in the marathon, raced Tergat to the end, finished 1 second behind him, also broke the previous world record, and became the second man to do a sub-2:05 marathon. It is a fascinating bit of trivia, isn't it?!

    All that said, I don't know if this was the case with Tatiana Hladyr. Could've been a mix-up with the announcers, as you suggest (I've heard them say some dumb-ass things too!), but it could've also happened that she was a rabbit that ran to the end and placed second.

    • Re: Rabbits

      Yep, I figured someone would bring up the Paul Tergat case. Problem is in this case Tatiana was never a rabbit! THe announcers actually confused Tatiana Hladyr with another woman that was indeed a rabbit, Luminita Talpos. Instead of realizing they were two women, when Talpos disappeared as a rabbit usually does, they continued to call Hladyr a rabbit.

      There were many other dumbass things said [including what flygirl mentioned about the 5 boro challenge winner]. Only thing that could have been worse is if they had Bob Costas in there...
    • Re: Rabbits

      As I told Uptown Girl at brunch, all the press had to do was READ THE PRESS KITS and they'd know that Tatiana Hladyr was not the sacrificial rabbit (bib #100 for both men and women). Or simply go to the NYCM web site, where she is listed as one of the contenders:


      Tatiana Hladyr
      Race Number: F7
      Age: 31
      Residence: Kiev, Ukraine
      Personal Best: 2:25:44, Rome, 2006 (Ukrainian record)
      ING New York City Marathon History: 2005: 11th, 2:29:34

      Hladyr led wire to wire at the 2006 Rome Marathon to establish a four-minute personal best and set the Ukrainian record; her fiancée, Oleksandr Kuzin, broke the men’s Ukrainian record (2:10:09) with his fifth-place finish in that same race. Possessing a tremendous ability to recover quickly from her marathons, Hladyr followed up last year’s 11th-place New York City result with wins at 8K and 4 miles over the next two weekends.

      - Ribbit
      • Re: Rabbits

        Yeah, you're right - it does sound like they were just idiots. I was just surprised you didn't mention the Tergat thing in your post, only because it demonstrates that rabbits can win, too. Apparently I didn't read the press release either, regarding.

        I remember how stupid the announcers were during the Olympics at Athens. They had this dopey discussion about what it was Vanderlei de Lima was eating during the marathon, which was clearly a gel. Sometimes even the littlest things can demonstrate the greatest chasms of ignorance.

  • (Anonymous)
    Wow - heated debate!

    Good luck on the BQ.

    • stupid is as stupid does

      If you can do better than you announce. Otherwise it's easy to be a monday morning quarterback, but harder to announce a sport you never get to do on short notice.
      • Re: stupid is as stupid does

        "never get to do on short notice"? Al Trautwig and Larry Rawson have been doing the same marathon for years and years. How much notice do you need?

        Before you post such a stupid anonymous comment and insult Uptown Girl, get your facts straight.

  • announcers

    man, I generally hate the coverage of marathons in this country. can they not find some people who know what they're doing??!
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