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Love Ya' Lions

Again, I've been delinquent with this blog.  I guess since I haven't run since Monday there hasn't been too much to talk about.  However, this past weekend I spent up in Happy Valley, otherwise known as Penn State University. Naturally the weather was what is to be expected in Central Pennsylvania: gray, cloudy, and cold. The weather is like that pretty much from November-May [my graduation day was 50 degrees and cloudy in mid May].

Every year I go to one football game with my dad.  This has become an annual tradition [with the exception of the years I attended PSU].  It's amazing for me to look back and realize I started going to games in second grade.  Yes, I've bled blue and white pretty much from birth.  My first time up at State College I remember being on the warpath for a sweatshirt with a paw on it.  You have no idea what hunt ensued!  But yes, I did end up with a sweatshirt;-)

So this weekend, I went back for the first time in a couple years.  Wow, how it changed!  The Creamery, a main staple on campus, had moved to a new location.  Best ice cream in the world located here.  It's so good that they don't sell it off campus due to A) no nutrition label and B) you wouldn't want to see the nutrition label:-)  A whole new addition had been built to Rec Hall, not to mention the new Business Building and Agricutlure Building had been completed.

Oh and there was a game in Beaver Stadium, the largest all-steel structure in the world [seats ~108,000].  Penn State won and Happy Valley remained well, happy. 

In other news, I will not be participating in a Turkey Trot race or any more races in 2006 for that matter [with the exception of using the Hot Chocolate 15k as a training run].  I need to get back to 100% and I am not there yet.  My dad [a Podiatrist as well]  has told me "no racing or speedwork in the near future."  I think I'll listen as I have some business to attend to come January...

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