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Bridges Runner

Road Warrior

Road Warrior

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Again, I'm abandoning NYC for a while.  After leaving for Thanksgiving break (and eating my way through it!), I just got back from my almameter  to recruit some worthy individuals to work for my company.  Most importantly, I brought back some Peachy Paterno and grilled stickies!  After returning home today, I'm heading up to Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday for the week for work.  Oh boy.

On the running front, it's still an offseason of sorts for me.  Looking at my training log, I've taken my mileage down for 6 weeks now.  Hopefully one more week and I can get back to it. In all probability, this is my last post for at least another week.  Big things to take care of in real life.

  • reality

    Take care, be well, and come back when you can.

    • Re: reality

      Lol, thanks. Makes it seem like I'm heading off for some exciting adventure:-p too bad it's not.

      Anyway, if you are running next weekend in the 10k I will be out there with the pom poms:)
      • Re: reality

        I'll be out there running... where will you set up?

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