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Bridges Runner

Houston...we have a problem

Houston...we have a problem

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Yeah, I know.  Major cliche there but it really does justice.  The Houston half is January 14th.  It is now December 12th.  I have not run since December 2nd due to the pain in my you-know-what leg.  At this point, using my engineering background, there is a 0% chance of sub 1:40.  50/50 chance I'll be running the darn race - at all.  It's time to be realistic and it just may not be in the cards.  I'll know more soon when my dad comes up this weekend [he's a podiatrist] but as the days pass, the less positive I feel about it.  It stinks but the larger picture must be kept in mind for 2007: sub 3:40.   Worst case scenario? I have a 4 day break from NYC and lose my race entry fee.

On that note, I signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington, DC on April 1st.  I missed it last year due to being involved in the year of the wedding. 

Congrats to all that raced in the 10K this past weekend.  I had a great time cheering, even if it was a bit bittersweet knowing I couldn't be out there.

That's all for now - things are pretty "bleh" overall with life in general right now.  Work is pretty busy and running me a bit ragged.  However, I did have an awesome Monday night as I met a friend to skate in Bryant Park followed by checking out the store holiday windows. 

Not exactly an uplifting entry but that's life.

  • pompoms in my mind

    Oh, I hope you're able to make it out to Houston! Even if you end up not running, it would be such a lift to see you along the course cheering. You have no idea what a boost it is to see you and your pom poms when I'm nearing the end of some race and there you are! (Thanks for Dec 10, btw.)

    More importantly, I hope you get the injury sorted out at whatever pace that takes and that you achieve all of your goals next year.
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