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Holiday madness

Whew! The past week has been a blur. It’s not such a bad thing but wow does it make me tired to even think about it. Every night it seems there is something going on. Boredom is definitely not a word in my vocabulary. This time of year is always crazy but for whatever reason this one seems the most hectic of all. I suppose part of this stems from being in New York 3 ½ years now but I’m not sure I can fit much more in.

So Sunday the 10th, I attended EV’s holiday party which included watching the Sound of Music. We also baked chocolate peppermint cookies. A little too much work for a cookie in my mind but still delicious.

Wednesday night brought about Sempre Libera’s choir concert. It was my first time hearing her sing in a choir since I first had the pleasure of meeting her. What a fabulous performance of Mozart and Haydn. Welcome back to the singing scene and I do believe you should stick around this timeJ This really brought me into the holiday spirit as the weather certainly does not make one feel that way!

Thursday evening was my office holiday party. I did my usual rounds and had a decent time. I also made sure to make time to see Pink Monkey and wish her a happy birthday! It’s great to be even:-p

Friday brought about Pink Monkey’s birthday extravaganza. We wined, dined and skated – well not really. The sky decided it would be fun to start raining before hitting the ice. Too bad too because I had my triple lutz ready! Oh well, next time.

Saturday: This marked my first DNS. As in Did Not Start. I was supposed to participate in the Hot Chocolate 10 miler. However, considering I’ve run a grand total of 3.5 miles this month, it was not meant to be. My family came up for our annual Hanukkah celebration. Instead of buying useless presents for each other, we spend one Saturday together in New York to go to brunch and a play/musical. This year we enjoyed French cuisine at Rene Pujol before heading over to see Martin Short’s “Fame Becomes Me.” Absolutely hysterical! Rivals right up there with Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays.” Much better than last year’s bust we saw: “Woman in White.” After the show, I parted ways as it was time to head home and prepare for the annual TRD holiday party. Judging from the previous two years, I knew I had to rest up. However, I got home and it was pretty much time to get ready to head out. This year’s edition brought about an open bar which definitely made for an interesting evening. Certain people delivered an exciting night as they were in rare form;-) I also managed to get a boatload of glitter dumped on my scalp! I’m still trying to get it out after 4 or 5 hair washings. Any ideas out there? I drank more than I had in quite a while: 3 mixed drinks, 4 shots, and some beer. The night concluded with me helping someone get home – second year in a row, different person though;0)

I also managed to win another golden shoe! This one I got for being the “Most Supportive Member.” It also turns out that this shoe fits the other foot and makes a matching pair. Go figure. Now there is severe pressure for next year: Three-peat?

Sunday: Talk about being a waste of space. Spent half the day on the phone rehashing stories from the party before finally getting to the gym to do my long run. Ok, my long workout to compensate as a long run. That night I hosted a latke party. We made them from scratch and I must say quite tasty. HH brought chocolate truffles and more stories were unleashed. Who knew so much could come out of one night?

Monday: My first trip to Carnegie Hall! DK, one of my teammates, sings and was part of the production of Handel’s Messiah. Now, to say I was blown away is an understatement. I just could not believe how the choir sounded like one voice coming out and the soloists – WOW! I had no problem staying for the full production as the quality was just out of this world. I can’t wait to go back to Carnegie HallJ

Tonight I attended a work holiday function.

Thursday night I have the privilege of seeing a preview screening of Dreamgirls. Wednesday? There may be plans in the works but I’m kind of hoping for a night off. I’m whooped!

This weekend I’m hoping to finally start running. After speaking with my dad this weekend it appears I did a nice job straining my calf which led to me compensating with other muscles and more pain. I haven’t run in 2 ½ weeks and I definitely feel the difference. I no longer feel any pain while walking and I’m itching to get back out there. The gym is so nasty and hot! Let’s see if I can make it into double digit miles for the month [currently holding steady at 3.5]!

Houston, I’m hoping to get rid of the problem! January 14: I will be there.

To come? 2006 breakdown and 2007 wishes/goals/aspirations!
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