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What's up in 2007?

2006? See ya! 1400+ miles of running, my first trip to the great northwest (not to mention first true vacation post-college!), 4 weddings, and much, much more.

2007?  A return to the distance running!  I would like to concentrate on shorter speeds but I can't do everything at the same time.  Ultimately my goals revolve around that October 7th date.  Yep.  The marathon!  It's starting to shape together too.  I'm working on returning to running first, of course. 

So ultimately, it comes down to one simple formula.

26 miles 385 yards = sub 3:40 = Boston 2008 or...

no. there is no or. 

And that is it my friends. Keep it simple.  Well, at least down to a goal.  The rest is an extra bonus.

Non-running things? I'd like to get a membership to a museum or two.  Perhaps go to a few shows?  Ultimately, I'd like to say that each month I've attended something.  There's so much out there that I do not take advantage of.

I'm sure there will be other things to be done and enjoy.  However, these are the two biggies that to come to mind.

Happy New Year to all!  May 2007 be the best yet...

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