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January fools?

I'll take 72 in January.  Strange to say the least.    Not bad though as I continue my journey back into running.  This weekend was the test to see if Houston was happening .  I set out to do 7 miles in Central Park as part of the weekly TRD group run.  I'm happy to report that not only did I complete the 7 miles, but I had NO PAIN.  It's the first run since mid October(?) that I've run pain free (thanks to SL and EV for pulling me through!).  What a feeling!  Only problem? No water fountains!  Usually it's not a problem when it's winter, but wow it would have been nice on Saturday.  They really need to do what they do on the west side highway.  For those unaware, the water fountains on the west side are on year round as you need to hold the button down for a few seconds  So, it looks like it's game on for next Sunday.  It won't be a pretty in print time but I'll be able to complete it without injury.  As for my week in running? 17.8 miles total in 3 days as well as getting back into weight training.  Game on!  I plan to run easy 2 days before heading down to Houston on Thursday evening.

The new year has kept me going with checking out different places in the city.  I finally made my first visit to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday and had a guided tour of the MOMA on Sunday.

Scary table to sit at? My brunch table the other day.  It had 3 engineers and a lawyer.  Yikes! :-p 

Oh and before I forget: GO EAGLES!!!!! :-) 

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