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Bridges Runner

It's gotta be the shoes!

It's gotta be the shoes!

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I think I’ve solved the mystery. What mystery? The source of all my shin/calf issues for the past 3+ months! While it may have been partially other factors, I think a lot has to do with the shoes I was wearing. I used to wear the Mizuno Alchemy 6’s [discontinued the 5 series which I had grown to LOVE]. I started to have some discomfort all the way back in September when I started wearing them. I just attributed that to the normal aches and pains from finishing a tough season. Then I kept running in those shoes which included a half marathon and a trip to Rockefeller Estates. Finally, I had to completely shut down in December. Well, I spoke to my dad yesterday. You see, he wears the same shoes [men’s version of course;0)]. He just started wearing the ‘new’ edition last month. In the process, he had the same exact symptoms I had. It was eerie! He even had the pains/discomfort switch legs on him like I have [it’s been left to right to left for me]. He said it got so painful he could not even manage to run a mile! He concluded by telling me that he heard they are discontinuing the Alchemy [which oddly enough was their most popular trainer!]. Hmm…

So I’ve put these shoes on the NEVER again list. They have been retired to use at the gym for lifting/spin classes. Good thing I have two other pairs of shoes: Mizuno Inspire for regular training use and the light weight shoes for speed/racing [still bright ‘n shiny waiting to be used!]. I’ve used my Inspires the past week and I can say I definitely feel the difference. I ran 23 miles last week. While it definitely was a hard 23 miles, there was no shin/calf pain. I even ran half of the half marathon [quarter marathon?] on the roads yesterday with a couple teammates and felt OK after. I had some super tight hamstrings but I attribute that to the penguin like temperatures. I also had icicles growing in my hair after:-p Overall, it’s hard to get back to running but ‘quit’ is not a word in my vocabulary.

I’m starting to feel a bit better each run and damn, it feels good. I’m still cautiously optimistic but I’ve been working on mileage before getting the speed back. I’ve been back to running for 3 weeks now (15-20 mpw). So, if all things go as planned, January 31st will mark my return to speed! YAY!

My NYRR ‘anniversary’ race is the Gridiron 4 miler but I’m pretty certain I’ll be sitting this year’s edition out [has it really been 3 years since my first race??]. I just don’t see myself ready to race in 2 weeks. Plus, I plan to race the Cherry Tree Relay with the Speedy Beagles and just two weeks after I have some business to take care of at the Coogans 5k. After that, I’ll be settling into long distance training [10K and up!] with the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in early April and what looks to be a marathon relay in a really cool place at the end of April;0) Can you stand the mystery?
  • I just recently switched to Mizuno wave creation 7s in an attempt to remedy plantar faciitis. They feel great when I run, but I do still have some pain after later...way after a run or a tennis practice or match. It is definitely getting better though, and I do credit the shoes. This is the first time I've run in anything but Asics, so I was very wary!
  • i've known it for awhile-"upgrade" does not always mean better!! ;-)

    and god bless the Internet for finding discontinued shoes (as Asics not only messed with my Cumuluses, but the DS-Trainer "upgrade" is no good...)
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