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Yeah, go ahead.  Say it.  I told you so.  I got a bit too eager to get back into it and had a minor setback.  I felt the squeezing of my calf last Saturday during the group run and since that day have not run a step.  Frustrating? Yes.  However, I have had some words of wisdom from a source or as stated a "scolding." LOL.  So, this time I intend to play it smart and ease my way back.  That means 2-3 miles at a time before going for that big mileage, 5+ miles.  I am not good at being injured.  Sucks.

Anyway, this Sunday is the Gridiron 4 miler and obviously I will not be participating.  This was my first race three years ago when it was a 5k.  This year, however, I will be out there as a race marshal.  It should be an experience to say the least with the new wave starts.  So, if you're out there this weekend, I'll be somewhere along the course freezing my you know what off.  Make sure to wave:-)  I'll be wearing my TRD red of course but minus the pom-poms.  I'll be lucky to feel my hands I bet!

This weekend is shaping up to be a good one.  I've got restaurant week tomorrow evening, a white trash party on Saturday (haha!), and Superbowl Sunday on well, Sunday.  Oh, and I'll try to run 2 miles on the deadmill. 

Boring entry but I'm not feeling very inspired tonight.  Time to go give my butt a workout on the couch.  Hey, McDreamy is going to be on!

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