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Italy...GROW UP!

As the subject line says...Italy needs to stop acting like 3 year olds. It is absolutely unbelievable that Italian soccer fans are that bitter. Your team lost. Get over it. Yes Korea, the USA, Turkey and Senegal are in the quarterfinals...and not you. I can't remember so much whining and crying. I just laugh hysterically at the updates on ESPN.com for the world cup....first kicking Ahn off the team and now threatening to sue FIFA. I can't wait to read what's next.

My thoughts on the game:
Italy: If you didn't go into the prevent, perhaps the game would have been over in regular time.
Maybe if you didn't dive so much, the ref wouldn't have been "thinking" about the player diving in the box.
Whine whine whine.,...and to say you would have surely beaten the USA...what makes it such a done deal? I don't see any paper that says Italy is better than everyone and wins all....maybe talent wise the team is better but it is one game and as this world cup has shown...one game can mean anything. Portugal knows about that.

In closing, I have lost all respect for Italian soccer. If they play Brazil, I will route for Brazil to route them...as one of my friends said. Grow up and perhaps you'll get some respect back...

ANyways, happier note...

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