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Bridges Runner



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Flights have been booked!  I'm heading to Austria at the end of April!  What is included in this trip?  How about this?  No, not the full 26.2.  I'll be part of a relay team;0)  What? You thought I could go somewhere without something running related involved?  Shame on you!

    damn that is amazing! I heard the BEER is CHEAP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Kick ass is austria!

  • Oh Snap!

    Now that *is* cool!

  • I'm so jealous! I was there in 2004, and found myself in a hostel with some American guys there to run the marathon. It was seeing these two "normal" guys my age that made me believe that I could do it, too. Running Vienna someday is tops on my list. Good luck!
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