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Bridges Runner

On the up and up

On the up and up

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It's been a rollercoaster ride to recovery.  I thought I was better, only to be greeted with more calf pain.  It's definitely made me hesitant to try again as I worry about running and feeling more pain.  The body has a funny way of tricking you into thinking you're better. This week I think I can say I've turned a new corner.  I've run 3 times on the deadmill (aka treadmill).  I actually found one I like!  I won't share this discovery though because I want to keep it a secret:-)

My runs have been based on time, rather than distance as I just want to get used to the process and continue the healing process.  Also, this forces me to stop.  My problem before was I just kept going instead of cutting out while I felt good.  This week I kept my runs to 40 minutes or less (including cooldown time) for a whopping grand total of 8.2 miles. To make it a little interesting I threw in a couple intervals to remember what it's like to run 7:45 pace.  It's harder than you think on a treadmill!  The plan is to work on running 3-4x a week and gradually increase along the way.  This upcoming week I'm looking to achieve double digits (as well as compete as a member of the Speedy Beagles) and of course continue stretching/ice/heating the calf.  That's all I'm going to say at this point because to look any further would be a mistake. 

  • Funny you mention treadmills. The weather forced me last week to use them. It reminded me of how much I hate them. Shin splints like whoa. Also after a while if the room you are in does not have good air flow you breathe your own carbon dioxide in after a while. Calf injuries do suck though, they take a while to heal.
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