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Race for the Hardcore - Part III

So, I was able to participate as a member of the Speedy Beagles this past weekend.  Happiness, indeed.  It was time once again for the Cherry Tree 10 mile Relay Race in Prospect Park [third time overall, second as a member of the Speedy Beagles].  However, quite a different story for the Speedy Beagles as I'm recovering from injury, AB is in hardcore marathon training (read: 18 miler this weekend!), and Sempre Libera is working on getting out of the marathon blues [I don't think that works anymore!].  I must say, though, I'm quite impressed with our performance.  My goal was to be able to run a decent 3.35 miles without injury.  Pretty simple standards, no? 

I should mention here that TRD had 7 teams (or was it 8?) out there.  It was like the TRD run had moved from Central Park to Prospect Park for the morning!  OneThanks to Sponge for the photo! of my friends kept mentioning how it felt like being on a track team again.

Anyway, the race.  Same order as last year: AB, me, Sempre Libera.  This year I came prepared for the elements armed with layer after layer as well as the key part to keeping the toes and fingers warm: hand and toe warmers!  The start was interesting.  Let's just say you better be on time and follow the leaders:-p  The race director simply said in a low tone "go." No attempt at being heard, just a low "go."  AB wanted to take it easy and cruised in with a 7:30 pace and I was off.  In my head, I had numbers but I knew I couldn't keep referring to them and just run with how I felt.  Being a numbers person, I tend to get carried away and involved with how fast I'm going.  So, one foot in front of the other I took my tour of Prospect Park and no I did not have my watch going.  I never felt like I was maxing out at all and let people pass [as much as I hate it!].  I finished with a minor kick and handed off to SL for the anchor leg.  Finishing without pain was the key for me and I had done it.  Little did I know I had done better than I had originally thought.  Turns out according to SL's watch I had run a sub 8 pace!  Neat.  Sempre Libera seems to be getting her legs back motoring in with a sub 7 pace to finish. 

Though the Speedy Beagles failed to win 1st in the female division this year, the award has been kept within TRD.  Will Run for Bacon, another team, won 1st in female division and SpongeDogs! won 1st in the mixed division.  YAY!  Of course, after the race we headed over to a local Brooklyn Diner for some well deserved food and drink:-)

The rest of my weekend? Ah, it is being spent giving my credit card a workout=)

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