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Coming back!

Yes, and this time I mean it! No half marathons to tamper with the recovery process.  No foolish 20+ mile weeks the week after because I think I'm better.  This time I'm taking the nice and easy approach to gather my running legs back.  Last week I made it up to almost 12 miles for the week and this week it should be around 13-15.  It's hard to be disciplined about this but if I'm going to get back to 100% I have to. 

Last night I attended my first "speed" workout in 4 months.  I quote that because though it is our speed workout, I obviously did not partake in my full speed abilities.  However, a big win was made by being able to be out there and run without pain.  As the assigned group leader for the 9 minute pace group, I took to the controls and dialed the 9 min pace into my legs.  My abilities are well known to the team as pacemaster and when I said no one is to go ahead of me, they listened:-) Our workout consisted of a warmup down to the 72nd transverse, one lap of the lower loop and across the transverse then back to the start.  For me, I tried to concentrate on form and feeling comfortable about running again.  Ever since the injury, I've been severely compensating on the non-injured leg and I had this really awkward running form.  Yuck!  However, last night I felt fabulous and it felt like those good days I was having back in mid-summer. 

I will be at Coogans this weekend but not all out racing.  Hey, who can go wrong with a run ending with food and drink?

It's definitely been an experience being on the injured list for this long.  Mentally it is very draining and yep, you learn it's a lot easier to dish advice than to take it.  Looking back, I think that half marathon really set me back but that's ok.  I also think when I started feeling some funky things with my legs I didn't stop fast enough.  We live, we learn.  I'm just happy to be able to start the engine up again.

I'm definitely on my way back though!  No relapses allowed this time!

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