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Bridges Runner

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

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Two weeks ago I spoke of being on the true road to recovery.  Today I can say that two weeks have brought me so close to being back.  I can feel it.  Each time I lace up the shoes and head out the leg feels stronger.  It's tough to be patient but it seems to be paying off.  Special thanks to those that have helped to hold me back this time and take things slow.

Last night I joined the team for our weekly speed workout.  Once again I stayed back in the 9 minute group for my "speed".  Unlike two weeks ago, I felt nothing.  There wasn't even a weird sensation of pressure on the calf.  I felt great.  After a mile warmup to meet the group and another 1+ mile to the workout area,  I dialed the 9 minute pace and did mile repeats.  It was easy.  Even though the distance turned out to be longer than a mile, I could feel the pace.  When we got to the final repeat, I turned to a fellow teammate and just said "I'm back!."  Still a humbling experience to be passed again and again but no pain is the thing I need to focus on for now. It also felt great to be running in a tank top and shorts again.  It made it much easier to go west for post speed dinner.

Not surprisingly SNOW is in the forecast for Friday.  That's March for you (and the ides of March today!).  Boo!!!!  I'm ready for the warmer weather and my bike is too!

Work has been kicking me in the you-know-what lately. I was able to quickly fill out brackets so we'll see how it goes using absolutely no judgement for picks.nbsp; I've actually been taking work home because I can't finish at the office.  The red pencil has been getting a workout this week! (For those not in the know, it's what is used to mark up or "red line" drawings for someone to pick up on AutoCAD)

I also got another date to mark in red: June 7th.  I'll be taking a super important exam. Time to map out a study schedule!


  • Are you back

    I love your BLOG, I actually miss it when you don't post for a while...what worries me is that your drive and desire to really RUN may cloud your judgment regarding the healing process.

    Two stories: When I was 31 I joined the Marines, and after not having been more than a casual runner ever before I took to it greatly. I loved it, running Asilomar Beach in Monterrey, CA was an invigorating 15 miles that I wanted to do almost every day. I was posting sub 7 minute miles and getting close to that 18 minute 5K goal I had set for myself. Then came training in Texas. I broke my foot...the X-Ray didn't show the break so I ran and ran...through the pain, because pain is just weakness leaving the body right? My times got slower and slower. I went back to medical and had the Doc's X-ray me again. Still no sign of a break. I ran a 24 minute 5K...then a 59 minute 10K. Then the X-ray showed the break. Light duty was the order of the day for several weeks because I aggravated the injury and also compensated for it and threw myself off my normal stride.

    I have not yet recovered from that injury due in part to being demoralized by it, being lazy and being sent for too long a time to places that made it unsafe to run. So now I am ready to start again (in part to being inspired by you)...but I am taking things very slow, my most recent 5K was just under 40 minutes (I am red faced to tell you that) but I know I can and will improve. And while I am not one to allow minor aches and pain stop or sidetrack me I have learned to consider the pain and the lack of pain. None of us like waiting from the gratification we get from the things we love but in order to continue your love of running keep a realistic mind set...enjoy the euphoria but don't let it run away with you.

    Second story: I know a woman, who loves running and once won a marathon (2:40 time frame 20 years ago) but now has bum knees. She still runs fast but has pain (you know, weakness, leaving the body :D )...anyway, through a connection she got a world class coach to write a workout for her that took into account her knee problems (she loves the long distances like you)...but this coach's workout (in her mind) wasn't enough for her so she added mileage onto each workout. The knees got so bad she needed crutches for a while...she's better now but she always runs with pain and always seems to come back too quick from the injuries which seem to come on a regular basis.

    Take it for what it is worth, I know you'll do the write thing. Thanks for the wonderful blogging.
  • (Anonymous)
    Blah... you, your bike and me. We're all ready for warmer weather.

    Were you over by Cat Hill at the Colon Cancer 15k?

    • I was crossing the park around 84th street (east to west than back east). So, you probably did see me;0)
      • Thought so

        I knew that was you. I'd have said hello but I was hurtin'

  • You're back!

    Congratulations on a smart recovery: you did all the right things and didn't re-injure yourself while you were supposed to be healing. Very well done, and welcome back! I have no doubt you'll come back to form and be stronger than ever.

  • (Anonymous)
    Good job on holding back. Coming back from injuries is tough going, especially if you're competitive. If you hold them, the faster paces will come.

    Quinto Sol
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