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Bigger steps

This week has just been a blur of sorts.  Work has been holding me hostage.   It's bad news when one of your friends that works extreme hours all the time (read: lawyer) tells you that you're working more hours than her.  Those friends provide great entertainment though with nonsensical songs due to certain street signs in the city.  I did manage to get the one major project out the door but there's another 4 to take it's place.  The red pencils are sharpened and ready to go;0)

Oh yeah, running.  I've been doing that.  It also has taken shape to not being hard work anymore. I've continued to gingerly take in the miles and hold back the speed.  It's coming back naturally.    I ran 26 miles this week.  Eeep, I didn't mean for that much mileage but I still was careful to maintain an easy pace and utilize rest days. I've also monitored the calf and it continues to stay happy.  Yesterday I woke up and had full intentions of just going to the gym for the usual spin class on Fridays.  However, I just didn't feel like going.  I'm just tired of the gym and it was 60 degrees outside!  So out I went to Central Park for the first time in months for a morning run.  Woohoo!

This coming week will be a taper week with the Cherry Blossom 10 miler next weekend.  Finally, I will get to participate!  No true racing yet but I'm getting closer.  I'm hoping to bring out the racing shoes when I hit another continent at the end of April (have I mentioned it's 4 1/2 weeks til I leave?!).

It's exciting to feel it come back.  I can't explain what it is but it's just that feeling.  I've missed it.

March madness update: I'm third in my pool.  IF everything happens as my bracket says, I win.  Stay tuned.

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