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Welcome back, Uptown Girl!

On April 11, 2007 Uptown Girl officially began regaining her speedy status.  The shoes have been dusted off and took part in a progression run around the reservoir this morning (3x reservoir/.5 mile pickups getting slightly faster on each one).  My last one clocked in at 7:10 which was slightly faster than I had intended.  All in all - felt good and it's fun to be pushing the envelope again. Best part is this was my fourth run in five days and besides the normal "aches" I feel fine. Yahoo!  :-)

Sadly, I will not be racing the Brooklyn Half this weekend.  It's the first year I won't be taking part.  

The good news is that in two weeks I will be getting ready to fly away for a week in Austria!  Now that really deserves a WAHOOOOO!

For now it's off to Connecticut for work.  Yep, they send me to all the rocking places.

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