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Pass along the kernel

What started out as a joke between Pink Monkey and I has turned into a good luck charms of sorts. See, last year I awarded PM a popcorn kernel at the end of the Brooklyn Half (which was an 11 minute PR!).  She kept the kernel the entire year and passed it along to SR for this year's edition of the Brooklyn Half.

I'm obviously not in condition to race a half at this point and with training finally starting to get back to normal, no need to risk a relapse into calf hell.  Anyway, to show my support, I got up at an unfriendly hour with Sempre Libera and took the F train out to Brooklyn.  SL stationed herself at the entrance to Prospect Park while I continued my way to Avenue N.  My job was to pace SR with PM for the last 7+ miles of the half.  What was the goal?  She was looking to run 1:55 but PM had a sneaking suspicion it could be faster;-)  Anyway, I got out to Avenue N and saw a whole lot of teammates out there. Finally, right around the time PM had given, I spot PM and SR.  They actually saw me first but off we went down Ocean Parkway. 

It's funny because many don't like the Brooklyn course because it's not scenic.  However, I actually enjoy the parkway.  I find it easy to fall into that zen-like feel and just lock into a pace.  I dialed the pace which was around 8:40 and we cruised our way to Prospect Park.  SR finished with a blistering 8:04 mile 13:-)  SR's finishing time? 1:52:04...an 11 minute PR.  TRD women finished in 11th.  And SR had run with the kernel:)

So now what?  SR will hold onto the kernel and it shall be passed on to a worthy candidate.  There's some big shoes to fill as two 11 minute PRs at Brooklyn have been set with it. 
As for me?  The 7 mile run felt great.  I was able to talk and lend my support the entire way.  A very encouraging sign!  This follows a heavy dose of speed work on Wednesday and another 20-25 mile week.  I'll be tracking teammates tomorrow in Boston and thinking about the possibilities of a year from now...-)  By the way, it's not suprising that the show must go on.  My dad informed me he ran a marathon down the Jersey Shore (right next to the beach!) during a nor'easter.  I told him he was nuts:-p 

1 1/2 weeks til Vienna!!!  Yippee!


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