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Vacation is a distant memory at this point. Perhaps I'll tell more tales at some point but I ask this: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how about 352?

Anyway, it seems my routine is finally getting back to normal. I hit 32 miles this week for my first 30+ week since last fall. Not to worry, it's not a fluke as my mileage has gingerly started to head up. Officially, my quest to a BQ begins in about a month. After a decent Harlem Hills workout and a long run in Tyler (which quoted by a certain source as making the great hill look like nothing compared to tyler) I am definitely getting that excitement back.

So I guess I should put it out there that I am officially registered for Steamtown!

Also, I will be out there saturday for the healthy kidney 10k taking photos and cheering. Let me know if you're running.

Finally, today for mom's day we took my mom out for brunch. We took her to a place she likes (they had moved). The worst service ever! After a 8 mile run, I was HUNGRY!!! Let's just say 1hr and 10mins after we sat down we finally got our food. To add to this, they got 3 of the 6 orders wrong. In that time period, not once did the waitress refill our coffee or bring glasses of water. Even after all this, we did not get an apology. Oh, and not to worry, we got a whole 5 dollars off the bill (please note sarcasm). Who knew omelets and pancakes were so tough to make? Ugh. Its a shame because the banana walnut and blueberry oatmeal pancakes were delicious. Not over an hour delicious, though!

My main beef with this is the lack of responsibility on their end. They lost my parents as customers (over 6 years) and their entire network. What happened to the customer is always right?
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