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How to have a great extended weekend

1. Add an extra day to the usual weekend.  My mini vacation started Thursday evening:-)
2.Spend as much time as possible in Central Park or some outside space
3. Have a picnic with friends in Central Park.
4. RUN - both in Central Park and up at Rockefeller Estates Preserve.  Make sure to have a guide to take you through the most brutal hill from both ways.  It makes it all the more worth it:-)  Of the 9 miles, probably 6.5 up (see here). 
5. Finish the weekend with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.  Yep, made a trip to the water taxi beach in Long Island City. 
6. Perfect weather:-)
7.  Two parties.

So this was just what the doctor ordered.  And with that, my summer is starting!

Running update: My mileage has taken me closer to 30mpw which is exactly where I want to be before my training begins. Last Wednesday I did the same workout I did as my comeback speed workout a month ago.  Wow, what a difference!  It felt 110% easier.  We'll see what happens but things are looking good from my vantage point.

The Rockefeller run was great!  You don't go there for a flat and easy run.  However, our guide ended up taking us to the part off the map which definitely has some of the nastiest hills in my opinion.  I didn't run as strong as I know I can on those hills but getting through them is definitely an excellent sign.  However, my 4 mile run yesterday was definitely tough. 

Welcome to summer! YAY!

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