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Bridges Runner

It's that time again

It's that time again

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4 months from yesterday marks my attempt to BQ at the Steamtown Marathon.  In case you didn't read that, just four months. Holy cow!  Where in the heck did the year go?  Uh, that means I need a plan.  The return of the long run.  I'm looking to keep my mileage from 40 to 50 including those long runs so I don't burn out.  My racing schedule? Non-existent pretty much.  I plan to concentrate exclusively towards sub-3:40:00 with the exception of a 5k here or there and of course Club Champs on my birthday:-)  I also plan to use the Philly Distance Run as a marathon pace, maybe slightly faster, training run. 

Tomorrow I am running the Mini 10K.  Last year I PR'd by a full 2 minutes.  That definitely won't happen this year but I'm hoping for a quality race.  Anything extra will be an accepted bonus:-)   Now I await the storms to roll in to cool off the atmosphere. 

All this talk about the you rule compaign brought me to this article.  Oops.  Guess someone forgot to do their homework?  I haven't actually seen one of these ads yet but it seems they are doing the trick as it is a topic of discussion.  Eh?

Other news? It's looking more and more like that Gehry project over in Brooklyn is going to happen!  There's a reason I'm happy about that one;-)

Anyway, race update to follow...

  • (Anonymous)
    Ha...I saw they did that on the west side too....The ads for the Upper-UPPER East side showed up. But that wasn't so bad since the demographics in this particular case were about the same.

    - Chelle
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