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Curse of the Mini 10K

I had been watching the weather forecast all week.  The weathermen kept saying "hot and humid Friday but storms rolling in Friday evening to cool things off."  Oops, someone forgot to inform mother nature to send those storms.  Last night it was so hazy that looking down one of the avenues you couldn't see past 1/2 mile!  YUCK!  This morning I awoke in the hopes that something had occurred to cool things off.  Nope, it was 2005 Mini 10K all over again...

How similar are the two years? 
2005: 75 degrees, 73% humidity, Wind 8mph SW
Today: 73 degrees, 79% humidity

It did not help that I never had that adrenaline I usually get on race day.  I'm not sure why but it just was not there.  It didn't help that I forgot my sunglasses!  As  I warmed up with Sempre Libera, we both acknowledged that it was going to be a tough day.  It's not a good sign when you're dripping sweat after an easy 1/2 mile warm up! We headed over to the local elite check-in and I ran into nyflygirl.  We both expected today to be a repeat of 2005..

That being said, the mini is actually one of my favorite races.  It's now the only race I've done all four years as a member of NYRR.  Today marked the 35th anniversary of the all-female race.   The start is fun because we get to literally start behind the elites.  A funny moment here: I spotted a local elite starting with the elites (she usually wins the NYRR races).  At that point SL turns around at the exact moment she bends over to expose her flower printed underwear.  It's all in the timing I guess:-p

So the race...my splits were all over the place.  That cues you into how off I was today.
1) 7:14 (very flat first mile!)  2)7:39 3) 7:56 4)8:09 5)8:03 6)7:43 .2)1:32
48:19/7:46 pace overall

Mile 1 is flat along CPW and I knew this would be faster than my race pace.  However, I was a bit concerned right away when I got to the mile marker and just didn't feel good.  I tried to shake it off to my usual first couple miles feeling crappy.  As we got to the park and I passed my teammates cheering on the side (THANKS!), I knew my friends in Harlem awaited (otherwise known as the hills).  Oddly enough, this usually gets me into race mode and I'm ready to go for it.  Today it just didn't happen. 

I dumped water on my head and had a sip of gatorade to try and get some energy.  As I went over the mat for the 5k marker, I decided to just do what I could to run a decent race.  The next two miles were the slowest miles I've run in a race since this lovely experience two years ago.  I felt awful!  At the lower loop I spotted a friend VR taking photos.  At that point I knew the course as we had done the lower loop a couple weeks ago.  As I passed the mile 5 marker for the last 1.2 I gave myself the "don't be a wuss" talk and tried to manage a little faster for the last portion. 

Oh and that I did.  I started to finally do the passing and even tried to encourage a couple people to come along (NO I wasn't cussing at anyone as some of my teammates had thought!).  That 6th mile felt a lot better but I was definitely ready to be done.  As I passed my teammates I tried to throw in a little extra juice knowing the finish was near.  As I crossed the finish line to the sound of "And here comes a Reservoir Dog..." I felt good.  I could have thrown the towel in and just half-assed my way to the finish. Not today. 

I took my medal and rose at the finish.  Oh how different things are from two years ago.  Even though it's well off what I'm capable of running I'm satisfied with the effort put forth today. I'm still learning how to push myself and know how to push through the hurt.  As JS wrote to me, I lost  51 seconds in the 2nd half.  It definitely could have been a lot worse.  If that's going to be a bad race for me, I'll take it.

Lornah Kiplagat won for the third year in a row (4th win overall).

Over brunch, we exchanged war stories and compared to the mini of 2005. 

Tomorrow I'll reward myself with a run for food;0)

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