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Bridges Runner

Week one

Week one

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b&w cookie

Check.  35.7 miles in the books and I'm on my way to October 7.  Not without incidents though.  Passion? Insanity? Obsession? Probably a bit of all 3 as I forgot my house keys at work, friends couldn't find my spare key and I had to borrow running shoes to complete my speed workout.  Dedication, baby!  My first long run was fabulous.  I ran in Tyler State Park with my dad on Father's Day.  I turned to him and said "how many daughters do you know that have a father to run 10 miles with them?"  His response: "I'm a lucky guy!"  ;-)

We also took my dad to the Phillies game and enjoyed a nice cool night at the ball park.  Oh, and a Phillies win:-) So, that makes them 2-0 when I'm in the stands and Jamie Moyer: 2-0!  This is the year...

Other than that, I've been working like a dog.  Tomorrow I'm being shipped out to Connecticut (2 1/2 hr drive) and back to work in the same day.  Should be awesome:-p

This week I've got the Corporate Challenge on Wednesday...



  • A great new blog find!

    Yum! I love black and white cookies. That is dedication to run in borrowed shoes! And what a great dad's day.

    By the way, what a great running blog. I'm excited to add it to my list of must reads!

    The Salty One (http://notpeppery.blogspot.com)--I'm too lazy to sign-up for livejournal :)
  • Good luck tonite!!! Weather looks to be not as bad as last year... :)
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