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And then the rains came

This week can be chalked up as one of those that you hope not to have again anytime soon.  Monday was a 14 hour work day, Tuesday was closer to 16 hours and Wednesday I was able to break off for a bit for the Corporate Challenge.  Today it felt weird to leave work at 6:20pm (only 20 mins past the whistle.  Only kidding!  Actually, I know of a company that actually has a whistle blow when it's quitting time:-p). 

Anyway, I knew the Corporate Challenge would be a bear with the week I was already treading through.  .Around 5:45 my super speedy coworker and I headed to the start to get the special "elite" sticker so we could start at the front.  I figured I'd start up front just to be able to get an actual run in, not a walk!  I caught up with EV at the start and they made us stand there for a good 15 minutes crammed in like sardines.  Once the horn went off my stomach started to tell me thaat it wasn't going to allow me to have a good run.  I felt really icky and watched as EV took off.  I just decided to stick to below race pace and let the pacemaster set the controls.  Mile 1 clocked in at 7:33.  Stomach still felt like a rock was in it but I was all the way down by the 102nd transverse, no reason to stop now;-)  I saw Mugno, a fellow TRD member, running the race around this point.  Finally, approaching mile 2, I felt like my stomach was starting to calm down and I started to hit that pace zone.  From here, I knew the end wasn't a problem and I could just cruise in.  Mile 2 clocked in at 7:30.  As I was turning up the east side, I caught up with EV and she was having a difficult race.  I tried to have her come with me but she was really struggling:-(  At the bridge where I'd normally meet up for Wednesday night speedwork, I saw JS.  Thanks for the cheers:-)  Mile 3 came in at 7:32.  Just beyond here, I ran into fellow speedy beagle, SL.  Maintaining my  pace I headed to the finishline.  Slight pickup for the last .5 but still within that zone (3:38).  Final time: 26:15 (7:30 min/mile pace).

 Meanwhile my coworker finished third overall! WOW!

 Last night, for the first time all week, I got home from work before the sun had set. Now, if it were winter, that'd be nothing to write about but we're talking the longest days of the year! Since this was the case, I made it home to change and head out for the group run. Since the Corporate Challenge was going through round 2 we stuck to the bridle path which was a relief to my tired legs and body. The first 2.5 mile loop of the bridle path went as planned. However, the sky definitely started to look ominous and about a quarter of the way into the 2nd loop the skies opened up. It brought back memories of about a year ago.

However, it was fantastic. I simply loved every single second out there running in the storm. Something about it can be so soothing.

This weekend I have a 10 spot on tap and hopefully some zzzzzzz's. My body needs it!

How's this for scary? Tomorrow marks my 4 year anniversary in the working world. Where the heck does the time go? 4 down, don't tell me how many to go...

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