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Ice cream in the rain

The rain seems to be heavily involved with my life right now. Well, at least twice in the past week:-D Tonight I got out of work late so I missed our weekly speed workout:-( Long story short I got pulled back into work as I was literally getting ready to step on the elevator to head home! Fortunately, Sempre Libera was getting home late from work as well so we ended up heading out into the steam bath for a run.Pretty uneventful except for the buckets of sweat pouring out. Absolutely disgusting out. One comment that SL made makes it all so clear: "You can actually SEE the air!" We did 30-40 second pickups which consisted of my little legs taking 2 or 3 steps for every 1 SL stride. Reward? Ice cream of course:0)

As SL, PM and I enjoyed our waffle cones walking home, the skies decided to open up and let the rains fall. What else can you do but smile? We laughed and giggled like 5 year olds. Making jokes about acid rain covering our ice cream cones and did I mention...giggling? It was a great way to end a stressful day. Also a healthy way to remember to smile!

The training has been going great so far. I ran 11 miles on Sunday and it felt great. 8:50-9min/mile and it was very comfortable. My long run will be Friday morning this week as I plan to race a 5k on Sunday evening out on Long Island. Dedication? Not so sure of that but certifiably crazy? Heck yeah! I'll probably start my run a little after 5am...

This past weekend was great in so many ways:-) I think this photo will give you an idea:-D
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