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Bridges Runner

It's 5am. Do you know where your running shoes are?

It's 5am. Do you know where your running shoes are?

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Dedication. That is the word to describe my running this morning. Loyalty is a word that comes to mind as well. Since I intend to do a 5k on Sunday evening out on Long Island I moved my long run to this morning. With a little help from my friends, I had assistance to complete all close to 13 miles before many had even taken a step to start their day. It’s actually quite exciting and rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, it was quite the adventure to get out of bed at 4:45am and convince myself that YES it is time to get up. It definitely did not help that it was overcast and keeping the sun from starting to show its beauty to the world. The run commenced around 5:20am.

Fortunately, the run was well worth the lack of sleep. The weather did a complete 180 from yesterday. Pink Monkey and I did the first portion of my run with pretty much no one but the birds. Oh and a few taxi drivers. SL and AI were waiting for round 2 at 6:30am where we did another 5 miles. As usual, as the miles went by my legs started to feel better and better. I wish I could start with that feeling right away:-p On the second 2.5 mile bridle path loop we ran into ST. You just never know who you’ll see out there! So all in all, another 12.5-13 miles in the bank towards Steamtown. I’ll run easy tomorrow for the group run and race the 5k on Sunday. I’m doing the 5k now for sure since I went a bit crazy to get the run in today.

Oh the things I do to get a run in…

Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to catch a few zzzzz’s!
  • You know that for surgery rotation I will need to be up at about 4:30. I understand it can be a little jarring being up at an hour when only psychos and garbage men are. Good luck on your marathon, running one and just finishing would be an eventual goal of mine.
  • Dedication...

    and I have another D-word that seems to fit your character... drum roll please:..... D e t e r m i n a t i o n :-)
  • Sounds all too familiar...doing what you gotta do to get the miles in to chase down a certain marathon goal ;-)

    good luck in the 5K! hope the weather cooperates.
  • I am both impressed and envious :) well done out there, especially so early. We all know 13 miles is 13 miles, but it somehow bumps up in status when it's done before dawn.
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