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Around 20 miles in the past 2 days before the race last night.  I started to wonder if this was the smartest idea but I figured eh, put in a good effort and Monday is a well earned day off.  Sempre Libera graciously offered to rent the zip car and drive us out to the race on Long Island (5 of us in all).  I provided the famous race day cookies..

So the race.  You may recall I ran this race last year with intentions of sub 7 before the 92 degree heat and 100 degree heat index made that a figment of my imagination.  This year was perfect conditions but given I'm getting into mileage and marathon training, I wanted to be careful about how much I push in races.  Ultimately I wanted to feel like I gave my legs a good workout but nothing to feel absolutely whooped afterwards.  Somewhere in between really.

Anyway, AI, EV, and E asked me what my pace would be for the race.  I honestly was hoping for right around 7 minute miles but if it was closer to 7:15-7:30 I wouldn't be upset either.  It truly was a matter of what my legs decided to do today.  I was running my race.

As we're getting ready to start, SL seems to get into her zone and I tend to get chatty to get the nerves out.  As we're getting ready, all of a sudden everyone just starts going!  The race had started and we were completely off guard!  With that I was off.  EV sprinted ahead as usual and I started off at a decent pace.  I figured I'd try to run right around 7 minutes for mile 1 and go from there.  I felt decent and raked in a 6:55 mile 1.  Mile 2 was definitely slower with the turns and little dirt portion.  I felt a lot more comfortable though and knew I was starting to find a comfort zone.  Mile 2 came in at 7:12.  I had passed EV and Flyer E. was running with me.  At this point, I didn't run any harder and maintained the effort.  I felt OK and went with the good effort.  Mile 3? 7:12 of course.  Final time came to 22:06.  Not great, not bad but a good effort.

Apparently the last few days was my turn to see the NY crime files. 
#1) I was walking along one of the avenues to head home and notice a bunch of cop cars with a gang of people hanging out.  Then I see an ambulance going the WRONG way down the street.  I head home to check out the gothamist map and sure enough there was a shooting! eek! 

#2) Today on the subway ride home from Brooklyn (yay work project meetings:-p), I was sitting with my boss discussing the meeting when all of a sudden a crazy guy walks in and starts yelling "F You! F You all!  I lost my job today and I'm going to rob each and every one of you! If you get in my way, I'll hurt you!"  Thankfully we were pulling into Union Square so someone got the conductor and they were looking for him.  Finally, the cops arrived and not to be mean or anything but I think it was the two smallest police officers in NY trying to tackle this guy!  Oy. However, about a minute later, the entire police force from that area descended upon this guy and let's just say he has a lot more to worry about than getting fired!  As we headed uptown further, the conductor announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure not to leave packages outside the train!"  Apparently, this guy had left his stuff outside the train, retrieved it and then got smashed by the subway doors.  Oh the excitement of getting home from work. Or not.

Happy Fourth of July!  I took that photo yesterday with my favorite building in NYC in the background:-)

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