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Bridges Runner

Steamtown here I come!

Steamtown here I come!

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Email I received:

Greetings from sweltering Scranton where 673 hearty souls have already registered for the 2007 Steamtown Marathon.
>So far we have entrants from 30 states, Canada and Mexico.

Here are some items of note:

Shirts - I am pleased to inform you that we will again be giving all runners who have the courage to actually show up for the race a long sleeve "wicking" shirt (last year's model was a big hit). Color is yet to be determined (depends on who wins the fist fight at our next committee meeting). No more cheesy long sleeve cotton shirts at Steamtown! (WOOHOO!)

Boston qualifying - First, we are an official USATF-certified qualifier for Boston. Typically between 25% to 30% of our finishers qualify. But consider this text that I lifted directly from www.baa.org:

"The qualifying window for the 2009 Boston Marathon will begin on September 29, 2007."

Looks like you can use this year's Steamtown to qualify for 2008 or 2009. Could even be and/or - not sure. I'll try to find out. (Hmm this could give some of those that promised to run Beantown with me a chance in '08 to BQ;-))

Lodging - If you need overnight accommodations for race weekend and you have yet to book your hotel room - WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Hotels in and near Scranton book solid every year. We've had runners sleep in their Jeeps because they could not find something decent close to the finish line (those of you who think you can sleep on my living room floor are sadly mistaken).

If you need hotel info please go to www.steamtownmarathon.com and click on Lodging. Also, please be advised that we DO NOT endorse hotels. We post contact info for just about all of the hotels on our site just to help you find something better than the back of your Jeep.

We also have no control over rates, check out times, etc... We have pleaded with our hoteliers to be reasonable but their definition of reasonable differs from ours. (not to worry I confirmed my reservation!)

That's about it for now. Keep up the training. More updates will follow in the coming weeks.

Jim And/Or Cummings
Asst. Race Director

Today's Quote: "The human body can do so much. Then the heart and spirit must take over." - Sohn Kee-chung, 1936 Olympic Marathon Champion
  • I can'tluck

    Hi all!

    I can't be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say recently.


  • yup, you have a 16 month window for Boston qualifiers, and you can use the same time for two years of Boston.

    I stayed at a Red Roof Inn outside Scranton, I think it was about a half hour away. It really wasn't a big deal to drive to the race, although making my way BACK to the hotel afterwards was a bit tough (street closures)
  • LOL I love the sense of humor!!!

  • The Best

    That letter should qualify for the "best letter from a race director ever" award. Fist fights at committee meetings... LOL!

    Good Luck!

  • good luck

    good luck uptown!

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