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Well, I'm doing some form of that, I think? I've been essentially cramming 2000 pages of enjoyable job related material in my head for an exam. If you think that's fun, come see me and we'll get you checked out!

So running. I had not been to a speed workout in quite a while due to many reasons and last week of course for reasons beyond my control! Anyway, this week took me up to Riverbank once again for a track workout. 7 x 800 with 2 minutes rest. I got a nice 3 mile warmup from the UWS to the track and then another 1/2 mile on the track. Honestly, I find I'm more prepared to run when I get a warmup like that. Anyway, I slotted myself with the "7:30" group which I knew would be less than that. Our first 800 was to get adjusted and feel good so it was pretty slow at a 3:49 clip. However, the plan was to progressively get faster.

So see below:
1:50/1:58= 3:49 (eek, no consistancy at all!)
1:49/1:49= 3:38 (much better)
1:46/1:52 = 3:39
1:45/1:49 = 3:34
1:45/1:47 = 3:32
1:46/1:46 = 3:32 (pacemaster!)
1:39/1:39 = 3:18 (so I do have some speed in those legs!)

I like the fact that I actually was much more consistant once I increased my speed. Part of the problem early on was getting my feet to feel the pace.

Besides speed, the long run! I did 16 this past Sunday and felt pretty good. I ran a consistant 9 min/mile pace which is right where I want to be on the long runs. This week I'm heading down to 12-14 before the month of August shoots me into mega-mileage. Hard to believe that in a month I'll be completing my first 20 miler. Wow!

For those that are doing the long training run on August 11th in NY, I'll be a pacer:)

Other than that, it's time for me to continue learning really exciting stuff about optical fiber cables and copper cables. Stop getting jealous, it's all mine!
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