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Bridges Runner

The game of good and bad

The game of good and bad

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So the bad: Have to fly out to Las Vegas next month for a work conference and exam hell.

And the good? Decided to take the rest of the week and get some  R&R in San Diego!  I've never been to California so why the heck not.  I'll fly back and run the Philly half that weekend:)

Running?  Yeah I've been doing that lately.  I put in a tough 13 on Sunday.  The temperature was 75 and dew point 72 which pretty much means the humidity was very close to 100%. Did you know that the only way humidity is 100% is fog?  It can be raining and not 100% humidity;-)

Anyway, yesterday was another edition of speed in the heat and humidity. After a pretty crappy day at work I definitely had a lot of anger to take out on the roads. With 3.1 miles of pickups total I took it out on the roads.  My pace averaged between 7-7:15 which on the hills of Central Park I'm pretty happy with.  Each pickup was between 1k and 3/4 mile.  Yowzers!   Hopefully this will carry into the Club Champs and give me a nice birthday present:-)

So tomorrow I'm hoping to make it to the gym in the AM for the second time this week!  For some reason I've been very bad about mornings this summer:-p

Lastly, is it bad that frozen yogurt has become my dinner food lately?  It's too hot to to think about eating real food!
  • (Anonymous)
    Nice workout! When I was living in the Village one of my paper back books was ruined by that kind of humidity! The whole thing got warped and crinkley! It's humid here too, but I've never had dew in my room here like I did there!!! Keep up the good training!!!

    Oh, and have a great time in San Diego too!!

    - Salty
  • San Diego

    Yeah humidity sucks... when in SD make sure you catch a Padre game, you'll have a ball at the park... who knows maybe the Phillies will be in town :-)
  • (Anonymous)
    Are you suggesting that frozen yogurt is not "real food"? I am aghast!

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