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Bridges Runner

The game of good and bad

The game of good and bad

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So the bad: Have to fly out to Las Vegas next month for a work conference and exam hell.

And the good? Decided to take the rest of the week and get some  R&R in San Diego!  I've never been to California so why the heck not.  I'll fly back and run the Philly half that weekend:)

Running?  Yeah I've been doing that lately.  I put in a tough 13 on Sunday.  The temperature was 75 and dew point 72 which pretty much means the humidity was very close to 100%. Did you know that the only way humidity is 100% is fog?  It can be raining and not 100% humidity;-)

Anyway, yesterday was another edition of speed in the heat and humidity. After a pretty crappy day at work I definitely had a lot of anger to take out on the roads. With 3.1 miles of pickups total I took it out on the roads.  My pace averaged between 7-7:15 which on the hills of Central Park I'm pretty happy with.  Each pickup was between 1k and 3/4 mile.  Yowzers!   Hopefully this will carry into the Club Champs and give me a nice birthday present:-)

So tomorrow I'm hoping to make it to the gym in the AM for the second time this week!  For some reason I've been very bad about mornings this summer:-p

Lastly, is it bad that frozen yogurt has become my dinner food lately?  It's too hot to to think about eating real food!
  • San Diego

    Yeah humidity sucks... when in SD make sure you catch a Padre game, you'll have a ball at the park... who knows maybe the Phillies will be in town :-)
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