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No pom pom love

Today was the Nike NYC 1/2 marathon.  I came out to watch at the park and they would not let me in! First, I went to the 85th street entrance and they were saying "no one is allowed in the park." I headed up to 90th and they still would not let me get within 20-30 feet of the road! I cheered from close to 5th avenue but couldn't

Not that it matters but Nike WILL NOT be getting my support anytime soon.

In marathon news:
I ran 15.33 miles yesterday.  Had I known that I couldn't watch the half, I would have run 15 today in the glorious weather.  Oh well.  It was definitely a tough, well earned 15 with 9 coming before the 8:30am group run (this after being out til 1am the night before:-p).

Today I ran and it felt like running on lead legs.  Yesterday definitely took a lot out of me with the brutal heat and humidity.  Today's run gave me 41 for the week which fits right in my gameplan for training.  I'm looking to stay within the 40-45 mpw during my heaviest weeks of training.   If I go higher, I think I run the risk of the evil "I" word;-)

Another email from the Asst race director of Steamtown:
My favorite part:

Have you visited www.steamtownmarathon.com and clicked Training Trips yet?  Lots of good advice there, especially about working some downhills into your training.  Steamtown is definitely tough on the quads.  I had to walk downstairs backwards for three days after I ran Steamtown - probably because I did not train on downhills.

Jim "my quads are still sore and that was 1996" Cummings
Assistant Race Director

Hmm, this definitely will be an interesting few days after the marathon I think:-p

So this was a very scattered post but hey it all goes right back to the main topic of this blog, no?

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