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Reving up the engine

The past week or so has been jam packed with other activities that have kept me from updating again.  Oh yeah, and life events.  You know how it is.

Anyway, the mileage has creeped up as the day draws closer and closer (41.3 last week).  This past Saturday I took part in the NYRR's Long Run as a pacer for the 9 min/mile.  Shocking as it may seem, I did my job and stuck to within 9 seconds of 9 min/mile for 16 miles.  Total mileage came to 17.5 with the run from my apartment to the beginning of the training run.  As you can see from the photo, I had issues with matching my attire.  I wore red shorts with what was a white shirt.  However, as you can see, we received bright orange shirts to wear as pace leaders.  Don't I look happy for being awake at 6:30am on Saturday on my own accord?

This week is a bit of a taper for me with Club Champs coming up this Saturday morning.  This will mark my last true race until October 7.  I suppose I should make this one count:-)  I intend to run tomorrow and Thursday before resting up Friday.

One thing I'm excited about is getting back into my morning routine.  I had been having serious morning issues the past couple months.  I used to walk into the gym and it was like seeing family everyday.  When I finally made it back a few weeks ago, everyone was asking where I had been.  It was almost as though I had broke curfew or something;-)

So, best of luck to those of you racing Saturday.  I'll have the pom poms and hopefully I can pester some of the guys into cheering the women on;-)
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