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Bridges Runner

Club Championships report

Club Championships report

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Sunday night?!  Already?  Where the heck did the weekend go? I suppose it's time for a race report.  It's been a while since I filed one of these;-)

Saturday morning marked the annual NYRR Team Championships race in Central Park.  It's been an interesting year for me.  After recovering from the injury, I just have not felt that urge to race all that much.  I have raced a grand total of 3 times this year prior to Saturday.  Yeah, I've participated in a few other races but I definitely did not put out that race effort.  I kept trying to get myself psyched up for Saturday but with a lot of other factors in life going on, this became a very small faction in the weekend.  However, seeing that it was my birthday, it would be unacceptable to put up a sub-par performance.  My goal?  Run a decent race.  Decent for me?  Somewhere around my race time for last year.

When the gun went off, it was still that feeling of "ok i'm just going to give this a try."  I started too far back and getting around the corner at the transverse was awful.  Mile 1 definitely was much slower than I wanted it to be (7:20).  However, I knew mile 2 I could make up time with the nice downhill section (I remembered our speed workout a while ago!).

Up to Engineer's Gate, I just didn't really feel anything.  I just ran.  At Engineer's Gate, a teammate pulled up next to me and said "Let's go!"  She thought 8k was 5 miles but it's not!  So we started to pick up the pace heavily from Engineer's Gate!  I maintained because I knew if I didn't I would be in trouble to finish strong.  I started passing people and left and right.  As we entered the tunnel of cheers from the guys, I was definitely kicking it into overdrive.  I passed three members of one of my favorite teams before crossing the finish line in a time of 36:10 (just 13 seconds shy of my PR last year).  Best of all? My last mile clocked in at a sizzling 6:54.  Not too shabby on marathon training and minimal Wednesday speed sessions.

1] 7:20 2]7:03 3]7:16 4] 7:35 5] 6:54
Definitely can see from the numbers that I never found my groove.  My times were all over the map and I think it's fairly indicative of how I felt all week:)

Up next?  20 miler next weekend and the Philly Distance Run in mid September as a tune up for the big one in less than 7 weeks!

  • You are doing awesome!
  • NYRR Team Championship

    I may have a picture of you running. I'm unsure if it is you or not, but I'm pretty sure. Great time by the way...it's always amazing to see how accomplished we all get when there is a little competitive spirit on the line.

    • Re: NYRR Team Championship

      Let me know where it is. I'd like to see the photo:)
    • Re: NYRR Team Championship

      Sorry about that...sounds like I am a stalker of some sort. my blog is actually one of the NY Flyers blogs called crazy bandana. I was just shooting some of my flyer gals and I read your blog from time to time. I caught you and Siempre, so thought that you wanted your pics...

      where should i put your pics? should i put them on my blog? you can e-mail me if you want: brihsia@gmail.com...

      oh and it was you that I have a pic of...so...if you want it then just ask...
      • Re: NYRR Team Championship

        Thanks! I'd love to see them. I sent you an email so hope to see them.

        I'll have to add you to my reading list of blogs. Thanks for stopping by.
  • (Anonymous)
    Happy Birthday!!! Nice race! It's always great when the last mile is the fastest one. Good job! Good luck on the 20 miler!

    -Salty One
  • the splits were just fine...very indicitive (sp?) of the terrain.

    congrats and happy b-day again :)
  • (Anonymous)
    Very nice splits. Congrats.

  • Happy (belated) Birthday!! And congrats on a race well run! It's the kind of race where you're bound to run well because you love running and it's your birthday!
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