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Bridges Runner



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21+ miles. Yes, folks, I completed the first of my mega long runs this morning. As for my speaking of not having the want anymore to run? I think I found my running mojo this morning as I not only ran the 21+ miles but negative split it in a big bad way. I did an up and back route with my dad which was along the Washington Crossing path on the NJ side (it's prettier!).  Along the way, I passed Shore Turtle!  Hopefully next time we'll be able to chat.  This time I was about 15 miles into the run so talking was not part of the deal:-)

Anyway, my dad gets a gold star for the fact he ran the entire 21 with me!  He is not training for a marathon and is mere weeks from his 60th birthday!  No, I didn't force him to do this.  He wanted this punishment under his own accord.  In his own words: "I wanted to do it just because I can."   Oy vey.

The run had me hit that zen like feel about 13 miles in.  I just felt like I could run forever.  It was wonderful considering the obscene humidity.  My times? I was about 4 minutes faster on the way back.  Not too shabby.  Good sign for 6 weeks from now.  Bring it on!

Oh and it should be mentioned this run was done after having a surprise birthday party for my dad the night before.  I got about 5 hours of sleep and ran the first 10 miles on the night before's food.

Yes, we did get him good:-D

  • Must be something in the air

    Great job! I ran 21.5 today too. Must be something catching. :)
  • Hey!

    Good job with the long long run on a hot day. Next time you're doing a long run in the area let me know. I'd be glad to set up an aid station or I could run part of it with you (if I can keep up!).
    • Re: Hey!

      Definitely. It would be cool to go for a run. I'll let you know the next time I make a stop in the Philly area:) I'll be in for the distance run!
  • your dad

    wait a sec... your dad ran 21 miles just on a whim? holy crap. that's unbelievable...
    • Re: your dad

      Precisely. He's a very active person and has been training for triathlons. However, it's just a different story to go out and run 21 miles!!
      • Re: your dad

        Seriously... that is pretty amazing.

        Good work out of you too. Running a negative split at 21 miles is no effing joke!

  • My Hero

    Great run!
    I'm very impressed with you, but your dad is my hero.

    • Re: My Hero

      I would say the same thing, but the guy was able to run marathons in the 2:40s... he's just a regular every day STUD! :-)

      Quinto Sol
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