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5 weeks

You'd think with 5 weeks to go I'd be a lot more panicked about the race ahead of me.  I'm not.  For one, I didn't head out for my long run til close to 5pm!  Finally, I got my lazy self out the door and began the adventure.  The plan was to run a couple bridle paths pre-run to make the mileage I had set for this week of 14-15.  Around 5:30 the troops had all arrived and off we went for the run.

The first portion incorporated staying in the park and off the roads.  We exited the park at Columbus Circle where we ran into the first of interesting characters.  We got the weird guy that was repeating how cool it was that we were running 12 miles.  Onward. 

Down the west side highway we made a stop at Chelsea Piers because we had heard that Adidas was doing a promotion and we could get a free t-shirt + daypass to Chelsea Piers for answering a few questions.  Unfortunately, they were already done for the day even though it was 35 minutes before the advertised close time.  Their response: "we thought all the hardcore runners were done."  My response: "we're in the middle of a 12 mile run."  They just said "Come back tomorrow."  To which I say, meh.  So Adidas, you get the you stink message of the day!

Onward.  We reached the tip of the island and there was lady liberty and the sunset.  Not much can beat this!   Finally, we reached the Brooklyn Bridge which provided an exciting game of chicken with tourists.  I definitely think the tourists lost this one.  Sempre Libera definitely made full contact with at least two walkers/tourists.  I finished the run with the sun completely set and feeling great.  My legs still felt fresh and my mind was filled with thoughts of "5 weeks to go!"  Pace was right around 8:50.

After the run we had hoped to make it to Grimaldis for pizza but the line was ridiculously long.  So with our growling stomachs we took our business elsewhere and finally found a pizza place somewhere along the way to the subway (which thanks to the A line being all screwed up we had to walk to the 2/3!).  So on the way to the 2/3, SL yelled out "PIZZA!".  Woohoo!  The three of us split a pie and froze to death as the a/c blasted in what seemed like every direction. 

Of course a night is not complete without ice cream!  SL and I stopped at Emack and Bolio (which I admit I've been cheating on with the opening of Sedutto!).  Happiness!

Oh, and before I go, how about Saturday's sports insanity?   Appalachian State (app-uh-LATCH-un) Mountaineers defeated the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House in Ann Arbor.  I don't think there is a way to state how big of an upset this is.  David vs Goliath is nice but it's bigger.  They didn't even have any national sports reporters in the area because it was assumed this was going to be a cakewalk.  Oops.  34-32 with one of the most exciting ends to a game you could ask for.  College football is back!  Oh, and Penn State took care of business to the tune of 59-0.  Fight on, State!

The second sports item: a no-hitter by Red Sox pitcher, Clay Buchholz.  It should be noted he's 23 years old and pitching in his second MLB game, EVER!  Oh yeah, this is at Fenway Park in Boston with 35,000 crazy fans screaming.  I think the description of "this kid has ice water in his veins" is pretty apparent.  This just doesn't happen!  Sportscenter definitely was in a pickle to decide which sports story was the bigger story to present first. 

This is the stuff that makes sports so exciting.  You just have days that the universe is in a weird spot and for this day, Boone, NC was the center of the college football universe!
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