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Bridges Runner

The Scanner strikes back!

The Scanner strikes back!

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Well things are good. My roomie is back:) So the apartment feels all lived in and stuff again....wasn't an easy move though. Somehow moving my computer from the other room to the bedroom made my game controller have fits. It just would not recognize it....no matter what I did. So I took it back to best buy and got a replacement...however it still wouldn't work...it would see that a USB thing was connected but it was an "unknown" device. So I tried uninstall/reinstall...no luck. Went as far as manually uninstalling the USB things...aka in the registry. Still nothing. Grr...USB and me have major issues...I'm going to kick whoever's idea it was to come up with USB's butt:P So I took it back today....and got a Microsoft controller...this way I know it has the drivers....it's made by them:P Otherwise it's time to beat up Bill Gates..heh. So far it is happy and I can play GTA 3:)

Anyways, last night tried to go see Bourne Identity...but it was sold out:( Stupid freshmen back here:( It was so nice to have the whole campus to myself and a few others;-) Anyway, instead we rented Training Day with Denzel Washington in it (won best actor). Ok, let me say Denzel as a bad guy sucks:( I like him being the good guy...:( It was just disturbing to see him being a bad dude.... Pretty good movie though.

So today was episodes in shopping. We thought it'd be easier to just use the check yourself out line....do it ourselves. All the other lines were long and each had tons of stuff. Anyway, we got through the soup cans ok...but then the produce stuff came. The little lady in the machine kept yelling at us to take the things out or put them back in the bag...or place it on the scale. What a pain in the you know what!!! Eventually we defeated the evil whore machine...hehe. We were the last ones laughing...oh yes!! We know where you are machine.,..mwahaha!!!

So yeah...life is good. I have another human in the apartment although computers outweigh persons 4-2. Back to enjoying more of doing nothing...ahh summer:)

Who's up for a World Cup Breakfast party next Sunday:-D We can have eggs, coffee, cereal, etc...and watch some soccer....ahh Japanese time!
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