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Today is brought to you by the number 20

As in 20 miles!  It's official.  I need my head examined.  I switched my work schedule to get in at 7am so I could leave early to run 20 miles this evening.  Oh, and what's worse?  I did all of it in Central Park.  Round and round.  However, I must say I'm ready to show my stuff in a month.

The run actually went better than expected.  The first 7.5+ was solo and I kept trying to get into that zone I've grown accustomed with on long runs.  As I headed up the hill towards the reservoir on the east side I literally ran into nyflygirl and right behind me was none other than, 'chelle!  Boy was that a stroke of good luck.  Nyflygirl ran about 4 miles with us before breaking off and I ran 5+ miles with 'chelle before breaking off to finish up with the group.  Ultimately, I felt good and got a solid run in and most important, I've remained healthy!  With 30 days to go, health is what matters.

So, now what? I'm off to Vegas this weekend for work, the Philly Distance run next weekend, and then one more longish run before the BIG one.  Whew, bring it on! 

If you excuse me, I'm off to catch some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
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