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Bridges Runner

Traveling fool

Traveling fool

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So I spent half the week in Las Vegas for work.  It's actually my second time in Vegas as I went with some college friends over spring break my senior year for 3 days.  Honestly, any longer and you just start to lose it!  The largest construction project in North America is being built out here courtesy of MGM.  My company is working on a little chunk.  Oh, something to the tune of 10 million square feet.  LOL.  The full project is 76 acres.

Funny thing about my trip to Vegas?  I didn't gamble once.  Yes, you heard me.  I also didn't eat at one of the buffets.  It's not worth it to eat at a buffet with the other good food out there!  I see you laughing but there are some very good restaurants.  I ate at a Hawaiian fusion restaurant.  Definitely excellent!  I even went to fake Paris and went to the top of the fake Eiffel Tower (1/3rd the size of the real thing).

I also was very impressed by the new Wynn Casino and Hotel.  It's very artsy and almost makes you forget you're in Las Vegas.  It definitely shies away from all the glitz and gaudiness you see elsewhere.  Not surprisingly, most of the interiors reminded me of the Bellagio.  It's not surprising because Steve Wynn was a part of MGM (which owns the Bellagio).

Anyway, many mojitos were drank and networking was done.  Running? Um, yeah.  No.  It was 105 out there.  Are you crazy????  Plus, it played right into my plan to taper for this weekend's half marathon in Philadelphia.  The weather looks like it will treat me right and I should be due for a decent race.  If all goes well, I should be right around 1:45-1:48.  Do the math and you should figure that one out;-)



  • I never gambled in Vegas either, nor did the buffet thing. Though one restaurant I ate at gave me food poisoning. I don't know...not exactly the food mecca of the world. But the shows are cool. Good luck at the Philly half!
  • cool that you get to Vegas for work. I'm a sucker for buffets. I'd want to go to at least one of them while I was out there.
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