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Bridges Runner

Test run

Test run

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Today's Philly Distance Run (1/2 marathon) was literally to be a test run for 3 weeks from now. I wanted to see how it would feel to run slightly below the magic marathon pace (MP) as long as the weather was nice. If today was any indication, I think there will be some good results coming out of Scranton in a few weeks:)

The weather was picture book for a race. At the start, instead of the almost 72 degrees last year, it was maybe 51-52 and a crystal blue sky. My dad's friend had run the PDR 30 straight years so he was given access to the VIP area (which meant he allowed his friends access as well:-D). My hands were turning that freakish white color which actually made me smile:) I had gotten assigned corral #2 but my dad was #5.

</a></i>My slowest</i> mile was my first one at 8:24. Everything else fell between 8:06-8:20. I saw my mom at mile 1.5 and 3 which provided a happy relief from the crowds.

Once we got back onto the parkway and headed towards the loop of Kelly Drive I could feel that zone start to set in. It's weird. I just start to get that feeling like I'm not running and everything just goes forward. My dad kept talking which would cause me to fall out of the loop but fortunately I could jump right back into the zone! My dad also has issues with staying in his own running lane. At one point, he ran into this woman, she ran ahead and then we caught up again. At this point I hear her say "oh shoot, not you!" and she sprints ahead! LOL As for me, I keep at least a person and a half distance from my dad to avoid the forearm shiver:-p

I did see one member of the team that shall not be named. However, since I had a specific plan, I let her go this time . As we passed mile 12, I sped up slightly, if not to just be done:-p I finished up with a couple of sub 8 min/miles and a 1:47:03 (8:10 pace).

3]8:20 (water)
7]8:19 (water)
5k = 25:50 (8:18)
10k = 51:15 (8:14)
10 mile = 1:22:20 (8:14)
13.1 = 1:47:03 (8:10)

Where does this leave me? 3 weeks to go until the big day and I feel healthy! I feel pretty darn good after this race. My mom couldn't believe how good I looked after running 13.1. Now, what's left? Taper me silly! Race day. Bring it on! I'm ready!
  • Great race!! You are totally ready for the big race in 3 weeks!

    and I have to laugh at "the forearm shiver" ewe!!
  • Philly Distance Run

    That was a very solid run/race.

    Quinto Sol
  • Ready to go

    Great job with pacing. I think that you're ready to go for the M.

    I thought of you this morning while I was running 20 along the canal.
  • Great job...it is nice to see you back in the saddle again! :)
  • Congrats on a great race!!
  • yay...let the taper begin!!!
  • Looks like you're in great shape for your marathon! And now to taper, secure in the knowledge that your training has been very good indeed.
  • great race

    good race uptown- good luck in a few weeks--- you'll do great! we'll be rootin' for ya!

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