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Bridges Runner

A Manhattan Sunrise

A Manhattan Sunrise

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I brought my camera with me today for my morning run along the East River. As I entered the path, I saw this man sitting peacefully by the water waiting for the sunrise.</td>

It was such a picture perfect morning, no? Just what I needed to start my day:) It's awesome to wake up and have this steps from my doorstep!

Here comes the sun...yay! Of course I've almost completed my entire run by now:-p

The sun finally rises over Queens! Painfully the sun doesn't rise til 6:40 which means I'm getting up in the dark:(

  • (Anonymous)
    There's nothing like running on a beautiful morning! When I was in school I used to run up to the track over there bright and early and I loved it! It's actually very peaceful and serene--not something you encounter much in Manhattan!

    Thanks for the support over on my blog. I helps to have virtual friends cheering for me! You have 'em too! 2 more weeks!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    PS That was me :)

    - Salty
  • dark running

    It's great to get out before the sunrise. It means you are getting in your miles before the rest of the city even starts their day. And just look at the beautiful views they have missed!
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