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Bridges Runner

The final countdown

The final countdown

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Well, it’s Friday. Taper week is getting ready to end. No more rehearsals. It’s time to go out and take care of business. I’m ready and anxious to get the show on the road. 578.08 miles put in for official training this go around. A 20 miler in Central Park after working all day, running in the pre-dawn hours more than I care to count, etc. This journey has definitely been much different than the previous two. The results? I guess Sunday will tell me but I feel ready. I feel good.

Scranton, you ready for me? You better be because here I come!
  • Scranton

    I would wish you luck... BUT really... you already made your luck by doing the training... alas, it will be warm... pre-hydrate, hydrate, and re-hydrate... repeat :-D

    Have fun and kick some @$$phalt and some trails... I, like many of your readers, will be rooting for you... Bost*n or Bust UptownGirl!!
  • Good luck!!! Boston here you come... :)
  • (Anonymous)
    Good luck!!!!

  • you go girl!!
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