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I've had a few days to let things sink in and think about last Sunday. In retrospect, I still think I made the right decision to pull back about 17 miles into the race. No regrets on that at all as I think it was the only way to give me any shot at considering Philly. Yesterday I ran for the first time since the marathon and my legs felt fresh. I'm sure the perfect 60 degree weather had something to do with it (mother nature, where were you last weekend?!). It's encouraging though because I still am playing with the thought of Philly in 5 weeks. My plan? I'm going to try and encorporate a few short, quicker runs along with an 18-20 miler in a couple weeks. If, and I mean IF, that goes well then I'll sign up for Philly. (By the way, it looks like they are giving a discount to those that sort of ran Chicago)

It's funny. I never thought I'd be the one to sign up for two marathons in one season but I think given the circumstances it's not a bad idea. So I guess we'll see!

For now, it's off to the gym for some cross training today.
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