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Amy's birthday bash and more!

Well Amy's birthday surprise has come and gone. Justin showed up Sunday night around 11:30 to surprise Amy. She had absolutely no clue that he was coming. This was at least a month in the making:-D See what having nothing better to do does to people;-) Anyways, Amy had work till midnight (yay rescom:P). So she walked in feeling all dead and then poof there's Justin to bring energy and spunk to the room. Always does:) So yeah that was cool...

Monday we all dressed up and went to Outback Steakhouse for her bday dinner. Yes, I realize it is a steakhouse but heck it's fun:-D We're in skirts and nice shirts while everyone else is all casual...usually the reverse:) So anyways it was Amy, Justin, Emily, Michelle, and I. It turned out I knew the waitress...she's my mom's friend's daughter:P Gotta love randomness. Anyways, the cool part of the dinner is we got our bloomin' onion free. Apparently, the kitchen was taking too long so they said we get it free. We had no problems with that:) I got ribs and as usual delicious:) Momento DVD was a big hit for Amy....it was good to finally give it to her. She really was trying to make me watch it the past few days:) Now she understands why I kept avoiding the issue;-) Michelle got her a cookbook of cakes so we're definitely going to have to bake up a storm this weekend! The rest of dinner was uneventful...no singing waitresses for Amy...yet...mwahahaha;-) j/k

So after dinner we chilled for a little while. I installed Linux on my machine...Redhat 7.3. So far so good. It recognized all of my hardware which was good:)

Last event for the evening was meeting up with Ian and Amy for the 9:45 showing of Bourne Identity. It was an ok movie...good action, thin plot. But I kind of expected that so it's all good:) Yeah so another busy day...got back and was absolutely exhausted. Yay passing out in bed:)

Oh yeah...and tonight I saw a beautiful sunset from my apartment...check out the pics

One last thing...need suggestions for naming my computers. I have my old Dell XPS-T450 and my custom built beast....the one that has been a pain in the arse to get working right:) Leave suggestions in the comments...come on people I need some pennies;-)

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