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Bridges Runner

The verdict is in

The verdict is in

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No. And that is my final answer.

I've decided to forgo Philly and just run for the sake of running. Besides my busy life outside the running world, I'm just not feeling it mentally. That was my big clue that it's not meant to be this year. And what was the final straw? After I slept on it Monday night, I felt better and better about not running Philly. Boston is a great goal but I want to get there feeling mentally strong.

So I didn't get there this year. There's plenty of years for me to get there and I will. 2009? Perhaps. I have plenty of time to decide if I'm up for marathoning next fall. This is not a big deal in the grand scheme of life especially after one of the decisions I had to deal with a couple months ago!

So with that I'm changing my focus back to fitness and running. I've started up my weights routine again and I'll be joining my team's speed session tonight (obviously not at my usual speed just yet). The plan is to run the Turkey Trot race in my hometown as my comeback to the world of racing. Perhaps I'll sprinkle a 5k in before to get that racing feel back. We'll see.

No regrets. None.
  • (Anonymous)
    Smart girl for listening to your heart and your body. Boston ain't going anywhere soon, in any case! There will be other chances and for now you should be proud of a hard-earned time in tough conditions.

    -Sempre Libera
  • Again, go you for listening to your body.
  • (Anonymous)
    A wise decision. And your plan sounds perfect!!

  • (Anonymous)
    Going thru yr blog..saw the great timings you have done..have just completed my 3rd half in 2.11..still way to go for 1.42.
    Which was yr 3.45 marathon ? I too am motivating myself to do my first full run,
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