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Whoops, I've neglected the blog again! Darn life taking over again;) Hope everyone had a food friendly (or is that toxic?) Thanksgiving. As for me, I'm back in PA spending some time with the folks. I always forget how funny my dad can be. Case in point:

Yesterday they have the annual Turkey Trot race a short drive away. Since it's my dad's neck of the woods, he took care of when/where/etc. The plan was to just jog it and just do it for spirit. My calf acted up just slightly enough on Tuesday to make me a little hesitant to run hard on it and my dad's hamstring has been bothering him. So we decided we just wanted to run together and do the 5 miles at around 9 minute pace. It's about time to leave and my dad can't find his key to the car! He looks everywhere: the counter, the jacket he thought he wore the night before, in drawers, etc. No where to be found! It's past 8:50 at this point and my mom says to take her car. Off we go and that's when I realize "hey it's 8:57am, doesn't the race start at 9?" My dad at this point goes "yeah but the clock is wrong." No it isn't! So, fortunately we didn't pre-register, and we turned the car around to hit the road by foot. Turns out my dad's key was in the jacket he HAD worn the night before. Go figure.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we ran through the state park and the trees were in all their color glory. It was simply amazing to run through the colors and just smell fall. The only thing missing was the weather but hey I didn't mind the 60 degree weather. I'll take it:) All in all - we covered about 6 miles at about 9 minute pace which for this park is cookin'! There are portions that you go through 1/2 mile uphills:) My dad and I loved every minute of it though:) It made me thankful to still have a dad to run with when I come visit! He's already planning to be out there with me for the Broad Street Run in May and Philly Distance Run in September. I told him he can't slow me down though or I'll see him at the finish line;0) He laughed!

Happy Black Friday!
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