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Bridges Runner

Springtime in Europe part 2

Springtime in Europe part 2

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New York City
Yep, just booked my flights for another trip to Europe in March.


Budapest & Prague!  I'll be off to Europe for 11 days which will include visiting AB in the process:-)


The not so good?  Losing my cell phone in a cab after the TRD holiday party (which today marks the 3rd anniversary of being a member!).  Very frustrating and annoying since I just got my new phone a month ago with the new every 2:-(  Fortunately it was only my phone and not my wallet or purse.  I've joined the smartphone era as a friend was looking to unload a Treo for a discounted price. 

The party was good as usual.  Much alcohol was consumed and of course there are stories!  Not for your ears though;-)

Happy Hanukkah!
  • Golden Shoe

    Another golden shoe.. WOW! Congrats... I may also go to Europe in March, but to Rome as I have again signed up for the 'thon.
  • Prague is GORGEOUS!! My fave European city... enjoy!
  • Stories...

    Sounds like an interesting time at that holiday party...

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