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Bridges Runner

Annoying Subway Ride

Annoying Subway Ride

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My commute home from work - if you can call it that - is short.  So short you'd figure there is no way it could be that annoying.  I stand corrected as in a matter of 5 minutes I was ready to scream!  You see today was the lady that was preaching in a really screechy voice that the apocalypse is coming and we should all go home and read the Bible.  Non-stop right next to me.  Not what I'm looking for after a 3rd consecutive 12+ hour work day and missing my speedwork tonight:-(

However, good news!  I'm getting my workout vibe back!  I've successfully gone to the gym at least 2x in the morning in the past two weeks (which probably equals the amount of AM workouts in December? OUCH!).

I'll be doing the Cherry Tree Relay once again this year.  However, it is a whole new cast of characters and no more speedy beagles.  I've gone the food route!  :)

I've had certain characters trying to convince me to do Chicago next year....err this year!  Ack.

More later.  Bed time as I'm off to Connecticut once again tomorrow. 
  • those characters seem to be more common on the B/C-I just turn up the volume on the iPod to drown em out :-p
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