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Bridges Runner

A real update!

A real update!

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b&w cookie
As advertised in the last post, I will be running the Chicago Marathon this fall.  My original plan was to run Philly next November.  However, peer pressure is a female dog sometimes;-)  Instead I'm heading to the midwest with several other teammates!  Hopefully coming home with a BQ this time.  If it's 90 degrees again, well the world has much worse things to worry about than a marathon!!!! 

I also saw Spirit of the Marathon on January 24th!  Yet another sign that I should run Chicago!  I thought it was very well done and made me VERY excited to get back out there.  I've definitely hit a rough patch since Steamtown.

It's been said that life has a funny mix of work, social life, living arrangements.  Generally one never has all of those aligned at the same time.  Guess what? I definitely have not!  Work has OWNED me.  Social? Suffered.  I think all the stars are aligned right now to throw it all on me at the same time.  Boo.  Time to get some semblance of balance back...

Anyway, I'm finally getting back into a running/fitness mode again.  I signed up for a couple of races in the meantime - including the Cherry Tree Relay in a couple of weeks!  I'll also be taking part in Mudders & Grunters this year.  Let's just say they don't lie about the mud part;-) No more excuses it's time to get back.  I've been doing weights 2x a week and getting my running back to 25-30 mpw.  This included getting a 6 mile run on the bridle path today including some hillwork.  On the hills, I ran harder.  No excuses - just do it!

You may ask who I'm rooting for in the SB?  GO COMMERCIALS!  And I have cookies 'n cream cupcakes in support of the calorie rich tradition of Superbowl Sunday!  Yippee!
  • Spirit of the Marathon movie

    I'm glad you saw the film, every runner should see the Spirit of the Marathon movie, it's very inspirational! They're showing an encore presentation on Feb. 21, 2008 at select theatres across the U.S. Everyone can check to see if it will be playing at a theatre near them and buy tickets with this link:
  • Here's hoping for a BQ! I hear the Chicago Marathon is good for flat fast times. But also big crowds so I don't know how that balances out.
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