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New Toy to map my runs

Still messing around with how to export the data but here's the speed fun for tonight:)

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Numbers went like this:

Recovery   0.32 Mi  3:02  3:02  9:29
 Interval  0.41 Mi  3:00  6:02   7:20
 Recovery 0.27 Mi 3:00 9:02  11:07
 Interval  0.41 Mi   3:0012:02   7:20
 Recovery  0.27 Mi  2:57  14:59  10:56
 Interval  0.41 Mi  2:59  17:58  7:17
 Recovery  0.27Mi 2:59 20:57  11:03
Interval   0.44 Mi  3:00  23:57  6:50
 Recovery  0.27 Mi  3:01  26:58  11:11
 Interval  0.42 Mi  3:00  29:58  7:09
 Recovery   0.29 Mi 2:59  32:57  10:18
 Interval   0.41 Mi  3:00 35:57  7:20
 Recovery  339.4 m  2:00  37:57  9:30

Total: 2.5 hard/1.9 easy + another 3 or so miles to the workout and home.

I'm pretty happy with the effort considering I ran a race on Saturday, ran another 55 minutes on the deadmill Sunday (including 8min or under for the last 20 mins). I was hoping for sub 7:30s so the 7:20ish pace for the most part works for me in Central Park. Coogans will be another tune up for the spring with my big goal being Broad Street it appears: May 4.
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